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Timber Paling Fence Installations

If you’re looking for an economical fencing option that is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and easy to maintain, Shotover Fencing Solutions can help. We provide professional timber paling fence installations to help our customers improve the look of their properties and give them the privacy and security they need.

How We Can Help

We supply and install high-quality timber paling in Queenstown and beyond, achieving flawless results for residential and commercial properties across the region. As a locally owned and operated business, we care deeply about our community and work hard to provide exemplary fencing solutions to effortlessly enhance the look of homes and businesses throughout the area.

Classic, Timeless Style

Timber paling fencing has remained a widely popular choice for many decades, solidifying it as one of the most timeless fence styles on the market. Available in a number of different timber stain finishes, this naturally beautiful fencing can blend seamlessly into all kinds of backgrounds and colour palettes.

An Affordable Solution 

As one of the most traditional fencing materials available, not only do timber fence palings create an effortlessly elegant look, but they are also a highly economical option. Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to fence a large boundary or you’re simply after a cost-effective fencing solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, timber palings are a wonderful choice.


Increased Privacy


With no gaps for anyone to peep through, our solid timber fence palings are constructed to provide your property with complete privacy from surrounding neighbours and people passing by. Available in a range of different heights, we can construct your timber paling fence according to your requirements, allowing you to shield your home as much as you like.

Added Security and Protection

The height and construction of these fences offer another level of security for your property, deterring any opportunistic thieves from wandering into your home or business. On top of discouraging trespassers from entering, a timber paling fence can also help you keep your wandering pets or curious children from leaving unsupervised.

Contact Us Today

Want to enquire about a timber paling fence for your home or business? Contact our team today for a free quote and allow us to provide you with the expert installation services you need! No matter how large or small your property border may be, you can rely on us to provide you with a reliable, affordable solution that meets your needs.

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